Apr 10, 2012

Run Nan Run

photo by Nan
Last week-end I ran the annual Scotland 10k race in Central Park. The weather was perfectly sunny and cool. This was the first long run for the year. I found myself getting bored and mentally fatigued by mile 4. A few years ago I ran a winter half-marathon in Brooklyn. Long-distance running requires concentration and focus because it can get mentally tiring!
I hope to work my way up to a half marathon by this summer. I've never been any good running in summer heat, so this will be an interesting challenge.


croneandbearit said...

I am so proud of you for these running accomplishments. The only time I run is when we're out of wine. Although Devoted Spouse and I are set to buy some bikes for casual riding in FL. xoxo

Perpetua said...

Nerima, I am awestruck when I read this! I could never run well, even before my kneed started to bother me. Congratulations!

nerima roberts said...

C&B, This running brings so much joy and pride into my life. Running clears my head and makes me happy.I can't wait to see you in FLA!!

Perpetua, I'm not a good runner. I'm actually quite slow :) There is not a competitive bone in my body! It's just a source of joy for me. I once injured my knee after my half marathon, and I had to stop running for a couple years. I hope it doesn't get injured again.