Apr 14, 2012

Platform Shoes Anyone?

Pic by Nan: Madison Avenue April 2012

Check out these platform shoes! I don't know about you, but I'm old enough to remember wearing platform shoes when I was in high school in the early 70's. Nothing new under the sun!
I remember one day, I was still in high school, I was taking driving lessons. I showed up for my lesson wearing my platform shoes, and the instructor (one grumpy old man) threw me out of the car. "You can't drive wearing those shoes!" he roared at me.

 Haaaaaaaaa. Teens are always so crazy!


Mrsupole said...

Yup, I remember when they first came out with these. I guess it is true that if you save anything long enough it comes back into style. Great picture you took.

God bless.

Pam said...

I remember these!

croneandbearit said...

Hi sweetie - I wore them in the 70's too the ones with the wooden platforms. Can't believe I did that. Couldn't wear these platforms or the 5" stiletto heels now if my life depended on it. I read somewhere that the height of women's' shoes correlate to the economy, the worse the economy, the higher the shoe. xo