foodie pics

Just because I don't cook doesn't mean 
I'm not a Foodie.
Here I will upload pics about food. 
All photos are taken on my iPhone.

 I went to a diner and got real happy.

Mmmmm. Vietnamese soup. I went to a restaurant in Chinatown.

This is a delicious sopa pescado. I had this in 
Florida. That red stuff is hot sauce!

My Mr6 went to a friend's birthday party. 
Pizza, anyone?

Olives from all around the world,
at the Fairway market just 2 miles from the house.
Thank you Lord.

Costco makes that nasty-delicious pizza.  

Sancorcho is a hearty Dominican soup.
My Hubby rocks!

Sometimes I take Mr6 out for a slice
because I can't bear the thought of cooking dinner.

Last year Mr6 learned to make ginger bread cookies.
Look closely and you will find our dog Coco snoopervising. 

Mid-town Manhattan.
"I'll have one of each please."

China Town NYC, pickled veggie noodle soup