my family

  • First there's me. I answer to many titles, including Babe, Hon, Gramma, Nerima, and Miss Roberts.
  • Then there's my Hubby. He is an awesome man who takes good care of me. He comes from the Dominican Republic. Like me, he wants to retire in a few years while we still have our our marbles intact. 
  • Next we have my Hubby's daughter. I refer to her by many titles, depending on my mood: StepSpawn, Step Daughter, Steppie, BioMom, TheGirl.  She's in her early twenties and has yet to figure out who she is or what she wants. She lives in the apartment downstairs.
  • We have Mr6, who is the son of BioMom, and the grandson of my Hubby. He lives with us upstairs.  I'm the one raising him.  In my blog, I refer to him as Mr4, Mr5, etc. I think you get the picture.  
Mr5 aka Spiderman learns to make pancakes
  • There is Ruby. She is my Step Daughter's little dog. Steppie has absolutely no business owning any pets. Even though she adores all animals, she can't manage them well. When Steppie leaves for work, I let Ruby stay in our kitchen. How can you resist this little face?
  • There is my own Mom. Mom doesn't live with us (thank you Lord). She lives in a house I own a few miles away. Not too close, not too far. She is getting pretty paranoid in her old age, yet manages to remain independent. She has been battling cancer since June 2010. I take care of her. You can call me busy.
  • Last but not least, there is my dog Coco. She is a miniature pinscher. She is on Twitter and is way more popular than I can ever be.