Nov 27, 2013

Thanksgiving. Really.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. If you do not observe this American holiday, I am confident you have many things for which to be thankful.
     I am thankful my mom is still alive, despite her chemotherapy and advanced cancer.
     I am thankful for the opportunity to travel throughout India this past summer.
This is exquisite inlaid precious stones
at the Taj Mahal. 
     I am thankful I still have my marbles intact and will retire June 2014. When I retire, I want to write on my blog and visit other blogs. Right now I'm still busy with my career, taking care of my mother, and raising my grandson. 
     I am sorry for not blogging for so long. I really do miss it.

Jun 25, 2013

India, here I come!

Carey, Chris. streetlight.jpg. 1-Mar. Pics4Learning. 25 Jun 2013 <>

     Remember playing the childhood game Green Light, Red Light? Well, the past 3 years of my life have been a game of Green Light, Red Light...lots of fits and starts...lots of drama and angst.

     Today I just got a great big green light: I met with my mother's oncologist. My mother's cancer situation has stabilized so that she can get a well-deserved summer reprieve from chemotherapy. Her doc is pleased with her progress. 
     As for myself, I am all set to go on a trip to study in India. This Sunday I leave and am very grateful. God has answered my prayers, and the chemotherapy has done some good work.
     Access to secure wifi is limited, so I might not post pics here until late August. 

Jun 2, 2013


Mr7's Easter eggs, spring 2013

     Usually I don't mind taking care of Mr7. For those of you who don't know me, I am raising my Partner's grandson, aka Mr7. The boy's mother is way too young and pretty ineffective, to put it mildly.  She lives in the downstairs apartment, and Mr7 lives with me and my Partner. Click here to read about my family.
     The other day I had many errands, and I left Mr7 at home with his mother. Poor thing. He was bored, and his mother was downstairs. He kept calling me and asking me when was I returning home. 
     When I finally got home, I found his room in total disarray. I instructed him to clean his room and take a bath. This is when he took me by surprise and said, "Sometimes I feel like I've been adopted."  
Um, okay.
I ask him to explain himself, and he proceeded with, "I mean I feel like I've been adopted by you and Grampa."
     His statement made me feel so sad for him and his bio-mom. I can't do anything to remedy the situation. All I can do is keep loving this boy. 

May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Blessing

Today is the very first Mother's Day my Mr7 didn't give me a hand-made card from school. Instead he gave it to his biological mother. He is old enough to see who his mother is (I know this sounds weird). What did I get? I got the privilege of getting his early morning kiss and hug. I got the privilege of making his favorite pancakes. And you know what? I am cool with this. Happy Mother's Day to all.