Jul 1, 2014


This month marks the 4th year of my mom's battle with advanced colon cancer. She has been refusing chemo since March because, in her own words, "I am sick and tired of this."
She's lost a lot of weight last month, but she is holding up pretty well despite all the insults of cancer.

I'm currently reading Lawrence Durrell's classic Balthazar. 
I'm quoting a passage from this book. It pretty much sums up what's going on between me and mom.
"First the young, like vines, 
climb up the dull supports of their elders 
who feel their fingers on them, soft and tender; 
then the old climb down 
the lovely supporting bodies 
of the young into their proper deaths."

Yes, I know, it's depressing. But you know what? This is life. There's a time to be born, to grow, and to die. Mom and I have grown together ever since her cancer diagnosis. I can only pray I can be strong enough to support her as she climbs down.

Happy Retirement!

Hello world! 
I am now officially a 
retired school librarian!
What an amazing adventure 
my new life will be!

Apr 28, 2014

Madurai in the mirror

One of the cities I visited last summer in India was Madurai, aka, Madras. It's in the Tamil state of southern India. I fell in love with this place. People there are warm and friendly, and the ancient temples will astound you.

I'm sharing with you two neat photos I snapped with my Nikon d3000. If you look carefully into the motorcycle mirrors, you will see reflections of a temple and of a cow statue.

photo by Nerima Roberts, July 2014

photo by Nerima Roberts, July 2014

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Apr 25, 2014

A book for every spiritual seeker

Two years ago I read Easwaran's translation of The Upanishads. It's the oldest of India's spiritual texts, filled with insightful gems of profound spiritual wisdom. I plan to reread it this summer. It's one of those books that deserves a good rereading.

Anyways, last summer I was blessed with a 5-week tour of India, and met many interesting people. One person I met was a physicist who urged me to read Code Name God by Mani Bhaumik. He told me that author Bhaumik writes how quantum physics goes hand-in-hand with spirituality. 

At first I was hesitant because many years ago I tried to read a book about quantum physics, Dancing Wu Li Masters by Zukav and miserably failed to comprehend it. As a matter of fact, the same book still sits on my shelf, silently taunting me like a smug schoolyard bully. 

Unlike the Dancing Wu Li Masters, I found Bhaumik's book Code Name God delightfully accessible and fun to read. He discusses physics and cosmology, and shares evidence that support his compelling conclusions that religion and science really do meet. 

While reading Code Name God (already a few months ago), I experienced so many "aha" moments because so much of quantum physics reminds me of some of the big ideas found in The Upanishads. 

I can't wait to reread this book by Bhaumik. I hope you will consider reading it, too. Let me know what you think.

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