Jan 5, 2015

Bad Habits/Good Habits

When it comes to the word "habit", I have to admit the first thought that popped into my head is a remnant from my early TV days:
This nun wears her habit rather well! 
(Ah yes, evidence of my misspent youth)

On second thought, the term "habit" can have a bit more relevance to my grown-up daze days. In other words, Bad Habit vs. Good Habit:

Bad Habit!

Good Habit

Excellent habit

Now it' YOUR turn! What are YOUR habits

Jan 4, 2015

Cooking Habit? Not

When I retired from teaching in June 2015, the first thing I wanted to do was cook more. 
I hate cooking.
When I was a younger, single girl, I was happy just to eat soup, pizza, or even a bowl of cereal for dinner. Now I have a man and I know it's important to cook, but I'd rather eat a can of whipped cream.
It's a good thing the Man likes to cook.
Here is a paella cooked by the Man.

With a good Man like this, I don't see myself ever developing a habit to cook. 
Thanks for dropping by the blog.

Dec 29, 2014

Hello Yoga!

Last month in November I finally found a nice little yoga studio near my home. It's clean, pleasant, only two miles away, and reasonably-priced.

If you haven't tried yoga you must stop what you're doing and start. Right away.

Yoga may very well save my life.
Don't get me wrong. Yoga is NOT relaxing at all!  As a matter of fact, yoga is HARD work!

After each class, I feel like a million dollars. My back and shoulders are happy and they whisper me sweet words of thanks.
Back: "Ooooh Girl, thanks for today's awesome yoga session. Now I can actually help you stand up straight."
Me: "You're most welcome. That Little Cobra pose was great, right? We're going for more yoga next week."
Back: "NEXT WEEK? Are you nuts? We need more yoga THIS WEEK."
Me: "Um, no. I'm busy. You know I've got a lot of blogging to catch up with."
Back: "No Girl No! Look at you. You're all hunched over the laptop. We want more Downward Dog now!"
Me: "OMG, okay. You win. Just be nice and don't hurt me, okay? "
Back: "Atta girl. Now stand up straight. It makes you look tired."

Ha ha!
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Dec 24, 2014

Cancer Care Blessings?

Cancer care update:
After mom went on strike and refused her chemotherapy last spring and summer, she resumed treatment in September. She tolerated the chemo pretty well but kept losing weight.

Two weeks ago she got a CAT scan and her doctor revealed to us that the cancer is growing on her liver and in the lymph nodes. 
It's resistant to the chemo.
Now I know why mom kept losing weight.

Mom will not be receiving chemotherapy anymore.
Her doc has prescribed a new pill to help prolong her life. She starts this next week. Unfortunately this pill has terrible side effects and harms the liver. 

Ever since mom has been fighting cancer since June 2010, our mother-daughter relationship has gone through a transformation. 

  • We no longer hold bitter life-long grudges against each other. 
  • She doesn't take me for granted anymore. She's actually said kind and appreciative words to me.
  • I'm no longer argumentative with her.

Dare I say we have become closer?
This cancer business is horrible, but I'm very thankful mom and I have grown closer.