Dec 24, 2014

Cancer Care Blessings?

Cancer care update:
After mom went on strike and refused her chemotherapy last spring and summer, she resumed treatment in September. She tolerated the chemo pretty well but kept losing weight.

Two weeks ago she got a CAT scan and her doctor revealed to us that the cancer is growing on her liver and in the lymph nodes. 
It's resistant to the chemo.
Now I know why mom kept losing weight.

Mom will not be receiving chemotherapy anymore.
Her doc has prescribed a new pill to help prolong her life. She starts this next week. Unfortunately this pill has terrible side effects and harms the liver. 

Ever since mom has been fighting cancer since June 2010, our mother-daughter relationship has gone through a transformation. 

  • We no longer hold bitter life-long grudges against each other. 
  • She doesn't take me for granted anymore. She's actually said kind and appreciative words to me.
  • I'm no longer argumentative with her.

Dare I say we have become closer?
This cancer business is horrible, but I'm very thankful mom and I have grown closer. 

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