Jul 1, 2014


This month marks the 4th year of my mom's battle with advanced colon cancer. She has been refusing chemo since March because, in her own words, "I am sick and tired of this."
She's lost a lot of weight last month, but she is holding up pretty well despite all the insults of cancer.

I'm currently reading Lawrence Durrell's classic Balthazar. 
I'm quoting a passage from this book. It pretty much sums up what's going on between me and mom.
"First the young, like vines, 
climb up the dull supports of their elders 
who feel their fingers on them, soft and tender; 
then the old climb down 
the lovely supporting bodies 
of the young into their proper deaths."

Yes, I know, it's depressing. But you know what? This is life. There's a time to be born, to grow, and to die. Mom and I have grown together ever since her cancer diagnosis. I can only pray I can be strong enough to support her as she climbs down.


Joe Todd said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you

Perpetua said...

Hi Nerima,

Sorry i have't responded to this, but for some reason your posts have stopped appearing in my reader. I think i've fixed it now. Very sorry to read that your mom has come to the point of refusing further treatment, but I really understand why she feels like this. As the Bible verse puts it, "There is a time to be born and a time to die" and I think most of us instinctively recognise when the second one comes.

You and your mom will be in my prayers.

nerima roberts said...

Thank you for visiting my rather dusty blog, Joe and Perpetua,
So much has transpired since this July post.
Sorry for not blogging.
I have some material I want to post soon.