Apr 4, 2012


Last year's blooms
     I've been waaaaay too busy at my job! I have two work-related blogs to maintain, and that's been sucking up all my time. Wah. 
     Spring recess begins Friday, so I will be back to BlogLand and catch up here. Yay!
     In the meantime, my Mr6 has been keeping me busy here are home:
Mr6 mugging for my iPad


Perpetua said...

Roll on the holidays, Nerima, so you can have some time to yourself.

Jill and Deb said...

Hey Sweetie!
Enjoy your Spring Break! Say hello to Mr6 for me.


nerima roberts said...

Hi Perpetual, and hi J&D, I thought I would get more blogging done this week, but time is just flying by!