Mar 18, 2012

Why do we eat?

Image: 'Free Girl Eating Yummy Pink Donut Creative Commons 
     Last year I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and borderline cholesterol. My doctor told me to clean up my diet. So the other day I had a 9:30 doctor's appointment to take a follow-up blood test to see if I've been a good girl. The appointment was early because I was not supposed to eat or drink prior to the test.
    In my purse I had brought with me a whole wheat peanut butter sandwich to inhale after my bloods were drawn. 
     While sitting on the subway train en route to the doc's office, I kept smelling the yummy peanut butter, and I kept feeling the impulse to eat or just pick at my sandwich, even though I wasn't hungry. I kept wondering if I wanted to eat my sandwich because I was bored or because I'm used to eating in the morning.
     Why do I eat? 
     Now I'm trying to be more mindful whenever I'm in the kitchen, snooping through the cabinets. Am I bored? Stressed? I heard somewhere a cool quote: "Eat to live and not live to eat".  I'm afraid I've been doing a lot of living to eat. What about you?      


Perpetua said...

I don't live to eat, but I do enjoy my food, Nerima. However we try to eat healthily, with plenty of fruit and vegetables and not much meat, which seems to suit us. Doughnuts are a very special treat. :-)

Jill and Deb said...

Hello, NerimaZoo! I wish I could eat like most "normal" people. I have a bad habit of inspecting every little morsel on my plate. No food passes through my pie hole unless it has been double and triple checked by me. I'm not sure what I'm looking for...maybe I was poisoned in a past life. But this bad habit drives my family nuts--they all swear I'm secretly working for the USDA (Underground Society of Disorders Anonymous).
I have an idea, maybe we should discuss eating disorders over a few beers. Liquid diets are making a comeback. : )
Love ya!

Brian Miller said...

most def ...a lot of us eat not because we need to but based on how we feel...