Mar 12, 2012

Running...out of time.

     Hello, sorry I've been away for a couple weeks. My job has been sucking all my time, and it's been hard to find time to blog. I sure miss my little blog!
     Two weeks ago I ran a 5K race in northern Manhattan. It was the 14th annual Coogan's Salsa, Blues and Shamrock run (if the link no longer works, just Google it).  What an tremendous race! In just 3.1 miles, there was a total of 28 bands of musicians serenading the runners. The musicians were scattered throughout the race course (like every few blocks). I saw and heard the sound of music from Mexican mariachi, Dominican merengue, Spanish Salsa, a high school marching band, folk, rock jazz, you name it. It was there!  I was surprised just how much I enjoyed this run.
     I was also surprised by the steep hills. At one point I thought I was climbing a mountain! At the highest point, I caught a stunning view of the Hudson River. Too bad I was huffing and puffing...I couldn't stop to snap a picture for you.
     In a few weeks I'm running in the annual Scotland Run in Central Park. I promise to snap some good pictures.


Perpetua said...

Oh, I'm SO impressed with this, Nerima. I'm asthmatic and totally unathletic and very much admire those who can run and do active things like you. Good luck with the next run.

nerima roberts said...

Hi Perpetua,
When I run, my only goal is to not be the last one to finish. :)
Thanks for popping over.