Dec 22, 2011

Something stinks

I don't know what it is, but some dogs always have a SMELL.
My Steppie has this adorable little dog. We have to take care of  Ruby because Steppie works long hours and will often spend nights  away with her BF. 
Ruby is a tiny little thing, bred to be a lap dog. I want to let her sit on my lap, but Ruby has a serious case of halitosis. And if it's not her BREATH, then it's her BUTT.
We've had the vet check her out and she is in perfect health. 
Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Sis! EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, just visited the groomer and already her paws smell like Fritos. Ack. What is it w/dogs? P.S. lovin your blog - so glad you're back!!! Merry Christmas! xoxo

nerima roberts said...

Hi Sis, thanks for stopping by and for the follow. I know you have been EXTRA busy these days. Give my love to your DS and *scritches* to your EmmaLou.
BTW, I just HATE the smell of Fritos. I get that from my Hubby's feet! LOL ACK