Dec 24, 2011


The other day I actually slept in a.m. late.
Mr6 had other plans for me.
He crept into my room.
He whispered into my face and I could smell milk and Fruit Loops on his breath.
Him: Gamaaaaaa
Me: *frown*
Him: Gamaaaaa, have you been to Paris?
*I'm wondering just how much sugar our friends at Kellogg's are still putting in their cereals.* 
Me: What do you want?
Him: I want to go to Paris.
Me: *sitting up* What do you know about Paris?
Him: I know it's the City of Love and they have the Eiffel tower there.
Me: I've never been there, but I was going to go there one day.
Him: Can we go tomorrow?
Me: Go where?
Him: Paris.
Me: Paris?
Him: Yes. We can go there and come right back home. Pleeeeeeese?
Me: No. It's far far away. I'll take you there when you're old enough to appreciate how much money I'll be dishing out for you (I really said this).
Him: Thank you Gamaaa. *smooch* Can I have some pancakes now?
He doesn't know this, but Paris is my first destination after I retire.
I was going to go there know, happy grown-up solo.
Escargot-and-champagne solo...
Looks like I now have to set aside some money to pay for HIS fare.
HEY. He just had a bowl of cereal. Why now the pancakes????


Reya Mellicker said...

That kid is psychic! How cool!

I love Paris. My auntie lived there for 60 years, from right after WWII until she died a few years ago. What a city!

Have you seen Midnight in Paris? You simply must. I insist. Don't worry, Woody Allen isn't in the film. It is sweet.


nerima roberts said...

Your auntie must have been one brave woman to live abroad like that...and she must have just been crazy about Paris. *big sigh*

I wonder if she was an artist or a writer...

The movie Midnight in Paris is now on my to-see list. I'm now intrigued.

Perpetua said...

Paris is wonderful. I've only visited briefly and occasionally, even though it's only a short plane ride away, but I always love it, as you will. Promise.

nerima roberts said...

Perpetua, I am so in awe that you live over there in Europe. *sigh*