Jun 2, 2013


Mr7's Easter eggs, spring 2013

     Usually I don't mind taking care of Mr7. For those of you who don't know me, I am raising my Partner's grandson, aka Mr7. The boy's mother is way too young and pretty ineffective, to put it mildly.  She lives in the downstairs apartment, and Mr7 lives with me and my Partner. Click here to read about my family.
     The other day I had many errands, and I left Mr7 at home with his mother. Poor thing. He was bored, and his mother was downstairs. He kept calling me and asking me when was I returning home. 
     When I finally got home, I found his room in total disarray. I instructed him to clean his room and take a bath. This is when he took me by surprise and said, "Sometimes I feel like I've been adopted."  
Um, okay.
I ask him to explain himself, and he proceeded with, "I mean I feel like I've been adopted by you and Grampa."
     His statement made me feel so sad for him and his bio-mom. I can't do anything to remedy the situation. All I can do is keep loving this boy. 


Perpetua said...

Yes, sad in some ways, Nerima, but not just sad. At least he's quite clear that he hasn't been abandoned by all his family and that he is loved and has a secure home. That said, I could shake his mother!

nerima roberts said...

Yes Perpetua, it's NOT completely sad...however he's now aware that among his classmates, he is the only one who lives with grandparents. I'm a bit worried how this will play out later...I don't know. Child-care is all new to me. *sigh*