May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Blessing

Today is the very first Mother's Day my Mr7 didn't give me a hand-made card from school. Instead he gave it to his biological mother. He is old enough to see who his mother is (I know this sounds weird). What did I get? I got the privilege of getting his early morning kiss and hug. I got the privilege of making his favorite pancakes. And you know what? I am cool with this. Happy Mother's Day to all.


Perpetua said...

Nerima, you're handling this potentially difficult situation so well. As you say, you have the blessing of actually having Mr7 with you, something which his biological mother is missing all the time.

nerima roberts said...

You know what happened next??? The Boy showed his little card to his mom and SHE LEFT IT ON THE KITCHEN TABLE. She never took it downstairs to her apartment.
Well, it was there for a couple weeks before I took it and placed it in his Memory Box. I couldn't stand the thought of it getting tossed in the garbage.
Thanks for visiting, Perpetua.
You are my only regular visitor here. It's my fault, as I have absolutely no time to blog. I am waiting for my retirement in June 2014 :))))) Then I will blog daily.