Dec 4, 2012


I'm watching a beautiful sunset now. I guess all sunsets are beautiful. But I'm thinking of my mom, who is in the sunset of her own life. At 74, she is now fighting advanced cancer.
What else can I do to support her and make her more comfortable?
What else can I do to make her sunset even more beautiful?
I welcome all suggestions. I'm feeling quite lonely and sad now.


Perpetua said...

I'm sorry things are so hard for you and your mom at the moment. One of the things I remember from when elderly relatives were in the same situation is how attention to personal care helps.

Pleasantly scented toiletries, an easy to care for haircut, clothes (even night-clothes) that are comfortable and attractive - all these things can make people feel more normal and less trapped in a place called sickness.

Hope this helps.

nerima roberts said...

Hi Perpetua,
Yes, your words are wise words. I've taken steps to buy her more soft and comfy clothes. She is also a foody, especially when the chemo doesn't bother her, so I cook her favorite foods. She appreciates these little things.