Feb 9, 2012

Jogging in Central Park

     You can't tell from this photo that there are some nasty hills in NYC.
The other day I ran a 4-mile race in Central Park. I haven't run a  road race in 3 years.  It is exhilarating to get back into jogging.
     Anyways, the hills there slow me down (think turtle).
While crawling up one particularly bad incline, I see a group of (albeit younger) runners just zipping past me. 
      I don't run Central Park very much because I live and run in the Bronx. I'm familiar with the hills in my neighborhood, and have conquered them. It's the unfamiliar hills in Central Park that throw me for a loop.
     On another note, when I returned home from the race, my Mr6 asked me if I won the race. Ha. He's funny. 


Annie said...

Hello, Nerima - noticed your lovely comments on my blog and popped over to yours! Refreshing honesty is how I'd sum up what I've read so far and I do like refreshing honesty... :-)
I'm too old to be a mom and old enough to be a grandmother so I think our differences even us out. Look forward to reading more.

nerima roberts said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish I can post more, but it's been quite hectic at work lately.