Feb 12, 2012

I love Fairway!

photo by Nan
     There is a fabulous mega gourmet store just a few miles from here. If you're from New York you know the Fairway. I go there when I'm bored, hungry, and for all the other reasons in between. My favorite purchases include their hand-picked olives from around the world (think garlic-stuffed green olives), Icelandic yogurt, and specialty beers.

     Fairway has a whole section devoted to British imports. 
photo by Nan
Fairway also has this awesome olive oil bar. Pieces of bread are on hand for luxurious dipping and sampling.
photo by Nan
     What's your favorite store? Some people may prefer clothes-shopping or shoe-shopping. Not me! Give me lip-smacking food and I am one happy Nan!  


Perpetua said...

Not an easy question to answer, Nerima, as I dislike all forms of shopping and spend as little time doing it as I can, but if pushed food shopping is best. I love wandering around our supermarket in France and seeing the different things on offer.

tut-tut said...

I like Publix, Earthfare, and Fresh Market. I used to LOVE Greenlife when it was a locally owned business but now it is a Whole Foods and I'm less than thrilled to be in there. What was once store made or locally sourced is now, well, not.

nerima roberts said...

Perpetua, shopping in France sounds like the ultimate pastime!
Tut-Tut, wow, I've only been to Whole Foods ONCE, and I liked it. Have you been to Trader Joe's? Now THAT's a cool store!

Anonymous said...

I've actually been to Fairway, a few years ago visiting and did enjoy it! I do like Whole Foods, though they can be pricey, and love our independent grocer, nearby, who has great deals and great food.

nerima roberts said...

LifeOTC, yes, Fairway is GRAND. I go there just to cheer up sometimes!