Jan 29, 2012

Let there be light! Seasonal Affect Disorder

     Last winter was a kick-ass winter for me. I was learning how to care for my mom's cancer, while suffering from a prolonged sinus infection/bronchitis, AND dealing with bad politics at my job, all against the grim backdrop of a severe snowy winter.
     However THIS winter I am ready. I invested in this little box of sunshine.
Nan is happy this winter! 
I'm not one for promoting anyone's products, but I must do this, just in case someone out there in Blogland might benefit from my own experience. I ordered this blue lamp  from http://www.lighttherapyproducts.com/
     I started using it in late October, and I use it 15 minutes every morning.  I can't believe how a little blue light can improve my mood. I have so much more energy. Really. And the grouchiness and irritability which I've taken for granted all these winters have disappeared. I never realized how miserable I was until now.  
     If you think you might benefit from a little blue light therapy during the dark winter months, I recommend you research this product and talk with your doctor.  
Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any product or therapy. I am simply sharing with you my personal experience. Please speak with your doctor before trying anything. 


Brian Miller said...

seriously? i have never heard of this...need to look into it a bit...

nerima roberts said...

Brian, I saw (and felt) a change in my mood on the FIRST day I started to use my little blue lamp. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but that was back in October. Now it's February and I still feel so great. Every single day!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of these. It's good to hear that it works! Keep using it, Nerima, and thanks for sharing.

tut-tut said...

Really! I've found that after I moved South from New England things were not so bleak. It doesn't get dark here at 4 pm, as it did up there, for one thing. And being at the edge of a time zone (just a couple of miles, and we'd be in Central Time) also is helpful. More light = better spirits.

Rob said...

I think it's a good idea that bloggers promote or even demote a product because that way it may help someone else use a product or service with confident. There are a few brands that I sometimes promote for free because I think they have something that will be of help to my readers, the ones I consider really good get a permanent place in my side bar. I never recommend anythng I have not used myself and found to be good quality or value. As you may know I like gadgets so I read with interest about yours.

You made a comment on my blog about my picture of the day that I post. My Picture Of The Day is just any random picture I have taken over the years and not one taken that actual day and so that is why it may appear to be summer weather in some of them. At the moment everywhere is covered in snow so it's very much winter time. I'm pleased that you pointed this out to me and I will try and put a date to the pictures in future so as to avoid confusion.