Jan 25, 2012


      The other day my Mr6 spent the afternoon with his BioMom. BioMom is very young, inept and ill-prepared for life, let alone motherhood. Lest you think I am harsh, I am not. I speak the sad truth. 
     Anyways, she had to go to the market, and she took her Mr6 with her. She doesn't drive, so it was a long walk to and from the market. 
     When she returned home with Mr6, she announced she will need to buy him an iPod because he cannot walk without listening to some kind of music.

      I just gaze at her.

      To make a long story short, it turns out she can't be bothered with having any prolonged conversation with her own son. She prefers to pacify her son with an iPod so she can yap mindlessly on her Blackberry. 
I know. 
I've seen this in action since the day her son was born.
       I no longer feel sorry for Mr6. He gets PLENTY of opportunities for dialogue when he's with me (which is most of the time). Instead, I feel sorry for his BioMom. All of this will one day come back to haunt her. 
I'm not sure how, but it will.  


Brian Miller said...

yes it will come back to haunt her...this is so sad...

nerima roberts said...

Brian, I'm always surprised to see you here. You have about a million comments on your fine blog. Thanks for popping over. BTW, that Mr6 is the center of my universe. He just rocks my world! woohoo