Dec 19, 2011

Bathroom notes

Sometimes the only way I can get some well-deserved peace and quiet around here is to lock myself in the bathroom. If you have kids, you know just what I'm talking about.

One day a couple years ago, I was doing just that, sitting on my throne in the bathroom, aka the library. My Mr6 (then a Mr4) knocks on the door.
He tries to turn the knob.
"Gammaaaa, I want to tell you something."
I frown.
I ignore him.
He then passes a note to me under the door.

As a teacher, I was just thrilled and proud to see my Mr4 learning to write on his little notepad.
As a Nan, I was, well, just tickled.

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Jill and Deb said...

Would you mind if I passed you a note on a cocktail napkin?

nerima roberts said...

Hi Jill & Deb,
Thanks for popping over. Cocktail napkin? Sure, as long as it comes with a Long-Island Ice Tea! After dealing with Mr6, I NEED a drink!