Apr 1, 2013

Tooth Fairy Business

pic by Nan
    The past three weeks my Mr7 has lost four teeth. Three of the four he might have swallowed. I told him the Tooth Fairy's motto: "No tooth, no money". 
     I slipped a $5 bill under his pillow because I had nothing smaller. When I was little, I clearly remember my amazement when I would find a bright and shiny quarter under my pillow. It was like magic. 
     Now I miss my father. I suspect he was my Tooth Fairy.
Who was YOUR Tooth Fairy?
     Oh and by the way, I'm saving Mr7's baby teeth...at least the ones he didn't swallow. Not sure what I want to do with them. 


Brian Miller said...

ha. my boys are still losing teeth...they get a dollar...i got quarters...though i think i might have got 2...

Perpetua said...

My mother, just I was the Tooth Fairy for our two.

I used to get six old pence, our children got ten new pence and I gather the going rate nowadays is a pound. That's inflation for you. :-)