Mar 29, 2013

Spring, Spring, wherefore art thou, Spring?

pic by Nan, 2012
      It's almost April and we're still wearing our winter coats here in New York City. Winter is lingering and we're anxiously waiting for spring's arrival. The photo you see above was taken in Central Park this time last year.
      I'm certain spring will burst upon us next week, and this long winter will quickly become a distant memory as we sneeze our way through a hazy pollen-heavy season.
      In the meantime, pass me another hot chocolate. 
 How are things in YOUR neck of the woods?


Perpetua said...

No flowers and still lots of snow up in these Welsh hills, Nerima. It's also officially the coldest Easter since records began in the UK! A very happy Easter and here's to the rapid arrival of spring.

nerima roberts said...

Hi Perpetua,
I've been reading up on some scientists who claim we are heading to a mini ice age...I wonder about this...Goodness, this has been the coldest winter in the UK??