Jul 14, 2012

SPF 80

 That's a cloud behind my hat! LOL
pic by Nan, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

My view from under a beach umbrella.
pic by Nan, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

     Last week when I visited Florida, I treated myself to some solitary time on Fort Lauderdale Beach and on Hollywood Beach. I had to pinch myself a few times because I thought I was dreaming. 
I can't remember the last time I had quiet time.  Ahhhh!

     When I was in my 20s, I worshiped the sun. I would tan and tan and tan some more. I stopped all that in my mid 30s. Now it's all about sunscreen, ugly hats, and beach umbrella rentals. I really don't care for premature wrinkling and skin cancer. What do you think?


lifeonthecutoff said...

Wear the hat and the sunscreen. I worshipped the sun in my youth and have had basal cell on my nose in my 50's. Keep safe - and enjoy the quiet time.

Perpetua said...

I'm with Penny, Nerima. It's not worth the risk. I now have a kind of sun allergy which brings me out in a really nasty, itchy rash when the sun is very strong, so sunbathing is not for me - if it ever was. :-)

Perpetua said...
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