Jun 25, 2012

The power of Twitter, and RIP Michael Jackson

Okay folks, this is a FAST blog post as I'm at work and not supposed to do be doing this.
But I can't help myself.
Today is the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, and I MUST share with you this true story.
On the day MJ died, I was at the nail salon, getting a pedicure. The TV at the salon was turned on, and we were just watching whatever was on the screen.
I had my iPhone, and was busy tweeting.
Then I started to see tweets about MJ being dead.
I said aloud, "OMG people on Twitter are saying Michael Jackson is dead! Can we switch to the news and see what's on TV?"
Another manicure customer switched TV channels.
No news.
I was so embarrassed because all the salon customers were watching the TV.
Nothing appeared on TV for almost 45 minutes.
Then the breaking news about Michael Jackson appeared on FOX news.
It was a sad day for everyone.
But I shared this with you to show you the power of Twitter.

I'll be back to blogging next week, as my summer vacation will begin.
I miss you all.


Perpetua said...

And we miss you, Nerima. :-)Not on Twitter myself, but I can well imagine it beating the news channels.

croneandbearit said...

hey Sis! I don't remember what I was doing when I heard Michael Jackson died, I do remember that the news was nothing but him for days on end. And I liked him, don't get me wrong.
Yes, I'm back in bloggyland finally. After having been gone for two months, I couldn't even remember how to access my blog - LOL wattadork!