Jan 4, 2012

Theme Thursday/Change

photo by Nan
Happy new year everybody. A fair wind is blowing, and CHANGE is in the air.
My change is the all-too-typical Exercise and Diet Regime. 
Let's keep this simple:
I'm getting back into long-distance running (I lost focus and stopped running in 2008 after a shoulder surgery). As a matter of fact, I've just resumed running on Christmas day. I'm very very excited!
The other change is my determination to adapt a life-long diet to lower my cholesterol and to fend-off diabetes (I've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes)
Change is not easy, but change is good.
What are YOUR changes for 2012?
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Tea said...

I'm glad you're back to running. I would like to walk further than I have been walking. Push it a few more steps. Luv your Lena Horne quote in the sidebar.

Brian Miller said...

best wishes for that...it def takes discipline but is a great habit to develop...not easy, but good is a great way to define change...smiles..

Taylor Boomer said...

agree, change is not easy, but change may be good.


Mrsupole said...

That is wonderful that you are getting back into it. I had shoulder surgery in '09 and still not fully recovered. And I wonder if you would be willing to share with us some of the things you need to do to change your diet. I always worry about becoming diabetic. My younger sister is and my grandfather was too.

Thank you for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Change is good if one can do it.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Both of these changes are going to be in your best interest ... wish I were so devoted. Wishing you the best on both ... Happy New Year!!

Kris said...

We have remarkably similar goals for 2012!

rebecca said...

This post could be about me! Those are my two goals as well for 2012 and I've been diagnosed with prediabetes as well. I've eliminated all processed foods, sweets and anything white i.e., bread, pasta, rice, etc. I'm looking forward to my next blood test to see if my AC1 numbers have come down.

Glad you're making the change as well. Good luck on your goals and journey....

BragonDorn said...

I am trying to do the same thing you did here to my blog. Adding different topics for each day of the week. It would be awesome if you could stop by and give me a few tips :) Thanks!

Perpetua said...

Happy New year, Nerima! Good luck to you with your changes. My main plan is to shed the extra 10 pounds which have crept back on since I lost at least 30 3 years ago. We have a pretty healthy diet already (lots of fruit and veg, not much meat, etc) so I guess I just need to eat less of it all. Unfortunately, due to a bad knee I can't run, but I can still walk, so must do more of that.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie - good for you on the life changes! I have great admiration for your ability to run when it's cold and dreary out there - but if your weather is anything like mine (and I do believe it is) today is the best day to go run!! We're at 54 degrees and sunny - if only the rest of winter would be like that. Anyway, my changes this year involve both my health habits and time management...oh crap forgot I have to be somewhere...cheers lol

Mary said...

Best wishes on your plans to change in 2012. Long distance running sounds like a worthy goal. I do the treadmill and walking 5 miles or so outside (when weather is decent); but running, well' let's say I admire you. I think the fact that you wrote this down is half the battle!


nerima roberts said...

TY for popping over Tea, Brian, Kris and Taylor.

Mrs Up, Rebecca,C&B, Perpetua, This pre-diabetes diet thing is easier said than done. Last night I scarfed down 5 cookies and a piece of chocolate. Not good. Late-night snacking must end! Ugh.

Bragondorn, I will fly over to your blog later this weekend. Different postings will keep me on track and hopefully not burn out.

Mary, when I don't feel like not running, I walk. Walking is powerful.