Jan 11, 2012

Theme Thursday: View

photo by Nan July 2007

Everybody in the world knows what the Taj Majal looks like...from the front.
But here you see a different VIEW of the same magnificent monument.
This is a view of the Taj from behind, at a distance.
I hope you will enjoy, as much as I did.


Mary said...

On my site you said you wished you were brave enough to write poetry! Give it a try, seriously. We all 'play nice' and encourage each other. We all have to begin somewhere. I'll be watching and rooting you on!

Mrsupole said...

I like this picture and I cannot remember seeing a picture of the back from a distance. It seems like everyone takes the same picture more or less and it does get quite boring.

Happy TT and thanks for playing.

God bless.

Brian Miller said...

nice view....so love its architecture....

Amber said...

I agree with Mrsupole.
A change in view is needed to avoid boredom.
Lovely picture. :)

BragonDorn said...

Very beautiful view! I wish it wasn't so hot out there..

nerima roberts said...

Mary, I tremble at the thought of writing prose.

Mrs. Up, Brian, Amber: The Taj Mahal is overwhelmingly beautiful when glimpsed for the first time.

BragonDorn, Have you been there? When I went there, it was 110F degrees, and my tour guide told me it was a pretty mild day. Wow.