Jan 19, 2012

Theme Thursday: Produce

photo by Nan
I'm just a city girl, and my garden is the size of a postage stamp. Last summer my garden produced a bumper crop: two succulent tomatoes. Yep. Two. It was tremendous.
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Mrsupole said...

Hi Chris,

Oh that is better than my orange tree producing "one" orange. I am oh so hoping that it will produce two this coming year.

And I have to tell you that those are two very nice looking tomatoes you have there.

Did they taste as good as they look?

Thanks again for playing in this weeks TT.

God bless.

nerima roberts said...

Hi Mrs Up, now I don't feel so bad.....your tree produced only ONE orange??!!
And yes, garden tomatoes always taste best! Mmmmm with a dash of salt.

Mrsupole said...

The poor tree is just a baby tree and almost died in the frost and the dogs knocked all the blooms off except the one that was protected.

It is so true about the tomatoes, my tomato plant is going on season 4 this coming March and it is still producing those cherry tomatoes. Granddaughter bought some at the store and there was no taste. The ones from the plant have so much flavor that I wonder why we buy any from the store at all. A storm is coming in a few days and I will have to protect those plants in case we get cold enough for a frost. I am rather proud to have such an old tomato plant. It is almost like a tree. Not sure if you remember my older posts about it.

Oh and please give Coco a big hug from me. Geez how time flies.

God bless.

nerima roberts said...

A four year old tomato??!!! Never heard of such a thing! I have always thought they were annuals.

Mrsupole said...

So did I but being here in sunny CA might be why although everyone I know who grows tomatoes has to replant each year. This plant is in a pot and not in the ground. It sits in a spot where it gets the morning sunlight from the eastern side and then the afternoon sunlight from the western side of the backyard. And so far when we have had frost warnings I cover it up to keep it warm. The main stem is pretty large. Our hanging strawberry planter has also been growing fruit for four years without replanting and it hangs just above the tomato plant. I just think that with them not being in the ground that they have no idea that winter has arrived and gone. At least that is what I think. Because the ground gets very cold and the tomato pot sits on a plant roller above the ground and the hanging pot is totally not touching the ground.

The other main thing is that I plugged all the holes in the pots with old nylons to keep the earwigs out. I think they kill more plants than anything else. The babies eat the roots and pretty much make sure a plant becomes an annual. I hate earwigs.

Oh and try the topsy turvy for your tomatoes. We have also grown a lot in them. Just fill the top hole with nylon or wrap the nylon around the top to keep the bugs out.

Brian Miller said...

chris...with the blogger issues with embedded commenting it is really hard to leave a comment here...and i was remiss in not stopping back in later in the week...

two tomatoes are better than none...ha...tomatoes are a summer fav for me...tomatoes sandwiches actually...mmm...makes me long for summer on a blistering cold day here...spent it up in DC actually with the fam and just getting home...

nerima roberts said...

Uh oh! I better go back and see how I can improve the commenting feature. Thanks Brian.