Dec 29, 2011

Theme Thursday/The Future

The future? MY future. 
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God willing, I will retire June 2014 with hopefully all my marbles intact.
As a Retiree, I plan to travel.
All my life I’ve had the good fortune of traveling around the world.
I’ve felt guilty and embarrassed because my only desire is to, well, travel!
Now I see the folly if not the sheer absurdity in my feelings of guilt. 
Hey, I've worked hard and honorably as an educator. 
When I retire, I will do as I damn well please.
My short list of destinations:
Paris, France
Ireland and England
The Grand Canyon
The cool thing about traveling as a Retiree is I can travel off-season when it’s cheaper and it's not as crowded.
What’s in YOUR future?


Brian Miller said... want to get to that point one day myself...i love to travel...def want to go to wishes with yours...smiles.

Mary said...

I hear you! You have no reason to apologize for your desire to see the world. You have worked hard and definitely can choose to do in retirement what you had not done while working. I agree, off season IS great@

Mrsupole said...

No one should find fault with you traveling after you have worked hard for it. You, not the government is entitled to your hard earned money and you should go enjoy it however you want. Anyone says anything just send them my way and I will have a good talking to with them.

I think I would only want to travel in the US and Canada or just take a cruise. Mostly because I get such bad heartburn that I would probably not enjoy eating other countries delicacies, well except for their pastries and desserts.

And would be nice if you took along on your trips through bloggyland. That is fun too.

Thank you so much for playing in this weeks Future Theme Thursday, it was nice having you here and I hope to see you many more times.

Oh I fed the fish for you.

God bless.

Perpetua said...

A travelling retirement is a LOT of fun, Nerima, as you've probably gathered from my blog. After a long and hard working life, retirement is the time to do what you really want to do, so go for it!

nerima roberts said...

Brian, Mary, and Mrs Up, thank you for flying here. Mrs Up, I do have another blog for traveling. When I go away this summer I'll share it with you.
Perpetua, thank you for your encouragement. And it's so very good to meet a fellow librarian!

karen-fayeth said...

I adore this post. Love it. You've every right to look forward with much relish to all the wonderful traveling you will do.

You've earned it! Your post made me smile. Thank you!

Happy TT and Happy New Year!

nerima roberts said...

Thank you for your very kind words, Karen. Happy New Year to you, too! Good luck with your Big Move!

Linda said...

Lucky you! I'm looking at a wee bit longer, but hoping to make a change before too long.
Add Scotland to your list - you'll enjoy it!

nerima roberts said...

Hi Linda,
Yes, I had meant to include Scotland on my short list. I want to visit England, Ireland AND Scotland in one big swoop. My father's grandfather hails from Scotland, so I must see this beautiful country.

Perpetua said...

And don't forget Wales whilst you're over here, Nerima. it's small but very beautiful and with a surname like Roberts, you probably have some Welsh ancestry too.

Taylor Boomer said...

nice visual traveling, smiles.

happy retirement,
Happy New Year.

croneandbearit said...

oh my...I'd join you but you know how I hate to fly. You can always travel to visit me. Or else I'll just have to travel vicariously through you...sigh...drop off little Coco to stay w/EmmaLou! Happy New Year kiddo! xo

nerima roberts said...

Taylor, TY for your comment.
Linda, I was hoping you and I would one day travel to Europe. I still refuse to believe you don't like to fly. I don't like to fly, but I just do it. :))))

tut-tut said...

Not retirement, that's for sure. Once self-employed, always self-employed!

nerima roberts said...

The daily grind in education is disgusting. As a matter of fact, the entire education system in the USA is awful. When I retire I hope to find a way to be self-employed between voyages.