Dec 27, 2011

Dominican Divas Experience

hair drier
I'm not Dominican, and I'm not a diva.
You see, I am a woman with very simple needs. I wash my own hair. All I require is a hair cut every 8 weeks.
Every now and then I treat myself to a visit to the hair salon for a shampoo and blow dry.
You see, this week was especially tough on me. Holiday angst, mom's cancer care, and taking care of Mr6 can unnerve even the strongest of women.  
So I treated myself with a fierce shampoo and big blow-out by the awesome Yoseline.
It's generally accepted in NYC that Dominican hair dressers (namely Yoseline) are the best.  
Yoseline is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hair care.
She is not afraid to use her nails when scrubbing my scalp clean.
She is not afraid to wield her blow-dryer like a blow- torch. 
My only complaint is the hair-drying can get a bit scary. I honestly thought Yoseline was going to burn my ears to a crisp.
The image of chicharron comes to mind.
It was wonderful.
When I returned home I had real pretty hair and BOTH ears intact.

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